Soundling is the work of Melbourne-based film composer, sound designer and producer, James Orr. I live and breathe everything audio and music, and enjoy working across a broad range of different media platforms.

With a primary interest in music for film & television, I’ve been working in business for over 12 years – and still alive to tell the tale. Sound and music are an amazing and inspiring phenomena. They can inspire all kinds of thoughts, feelings and emotions in us, whether we are trained in understanding them or not. The convergence of sound and image is one step further.

An early interest in music was piqued through percussion and rhythm. Since then I’ve gone on to explore a range of musical styles, with a keen interest in electronic music production, engineering and synthesis. Beginning as an audio engineer, then transitioning to a full-time composer, I’ve had the great fortune to work closely with a number of amazing artists and people, including Lisa Gerrard, Dead Can Dance, Daniel Johns, Klaus Schulze, Harry Gregson-Williams, Zbigniew Priesner, Lorne Balfe, Astrid Williamson & Chicane, among others. I also work in a live environment and tour internationally as a backline MIDI tech when time permits. Music is life yes?

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